Who is Pastor Allan?

As a person who grew up in a Christian home, within a family which had a long Christian heritage, Pastor Allan felt called to the preaching teaching ministry when he was 19. He began his full-time theological studies in 1990 at the Reformed Theological College, graduating with a Bachelor of Divinity in 1995.

Allan was an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Churches and served in the denomination from 1996-2006. In 2006 Allan was released from the CRCA to take up the position of Executive Director for Youth For Christ in Brisbane. Under his leadership 100’s of young people came to faith in Jesus Christ. While working full-time at YFC, Allan, with the help of a small group of faithful people, planted Northside Evangelical Church in May 2007. Allan became a registered Pastor of QB on 19th June 2013 and was ordained as a Reverend on 30th November 2014.

Allan’s mission for the church is that we are a community which is:- “Proclaiming the Word to equip mission-minded disciples who embrace the spiritually lost and spiritually homeless.” This mission recognizes that everyone is searching for spiritual meaning and that the churches main purpose is to show where real hope can be found. This mission also recognized many people know Jesus, but they can have difficulty finding a spiritual home. During his time at NEC Allan’s preaching consistently spoke not the spiritual lives of those who were listening, so that they were brought into a closer relationship with Jesus.

Allan is married to Corianna, who has been his constant companion and ministry partner, since 20th January 1990. Allan and Corianna have three adult daughters; three son-in-laws; and two granddaughters.