In the few days around the death and resurrection of Jesus three “silent witnesses” are described:- Barabbas, Simon of Cyrene and The Women at the Cross. This three-part series looks at the challenge which these “silent witnesses” give to us today.

Part 1 - Barabbas Who Is Substituted

Mark 15:6-15

Barabbas is a prisoner destined for death by crucifixion. However Jesus is substituted into the place of Barabbas and provides Barabbas with freedom. The “silent witness” of Barabbas calls us to think about our freedom in Christ.

Part 2 - Simon Who Is Inconvenienced

Mark 15:21

Simon of Cyrene is on his way into Jerusalem when his plans are inconveniently changed when he is called upon to carry the cross of Jesus. The “silent witness” of Simon calls us to think about the ways Jesus uses the inconvenient moments of life to draw us closer to Himself.

Part 3 - The Women Who Were Following and Caring

Mark 15:40-41

There is a group of women who are witnesses to the death, burial and empty tomb. They have also faithfully followed and cared for Jesus. Yet they have a moment when they are silent and afraid. The “silent witness" of these Women is for us to think about how these moments define us.