In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus calls His followers into a life of radical discipleship. This discipleship is based on recognising that the ways of the world and the ways of the kingdom are diametrically opposed. Ultimately all believers are faced with a choice – are we going to fit in … or are we going to stand out?

Part 1 - You Can't Be A Wimp

Matthew 5:1-16

Many people feel that Christianity is a crutch, something for the weak. But Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount shows that Christianity is radical and it is not for the fainthearted.

Part 2 - Are We Minimalists

Matthew 5:17-48

We like people to think we are good, but we seek to put in the minimal amount of effort to achieve that status. Jesus calls us to be Kingdom citizens who avoid a minimalistic approach.

Part 3 - Hide and Seek

Matthew 6:1-18

We can be actors or we can be real. Ultimately all acting is hypocrisy and a demonstration that we don’t believe in God. We need to be real in spiritual disciplines of our lives.

Part 4 - Where Is Your Treasure

Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus calls us to look at our lives and choose which way we are going to travel. Will it be with Him, or in the opposite direction. We need to realise that all choices have consequences.

Part 5 - Don’t Worry Be Righteous

Matthew 6:25-34

When we are sold out for God we can know that God will provide for all our needs and that we do not need to worry - Jesus in this passage shows us how to do that.

Part 6 - Something In Your Eye

Matthew 7:1-12

How do we relate to people who are outside our church group? It is easy to judge and keep away - but Jesus calls us to a different attitude. We are to be those who keep building relationships no matter what.

Part 7 - The Choice Is Yours

Matthew 7:13-29

At the end of the Sermon on the Mount Jesus makes it clear - we all face a choice as to the sorts of people we are going to be. Who are you?