When Jesus specifically taught his disciples how to pray he taught them, what has become known as, the Lord’s Prayer”. This sermon series will focus on New Testament passages with the purpose of helping all believers understand the simplicity, yet also the wonderful depth, of a prayer that is foundational to our relationship with Jesus.

Part 1 - Our Father's Gift

Matthew 7:7-11

God calls us to bring our prayer requests to Him in expectation, but not to take Him for granted. As such his model for prayer is to Ask Seek Knock.

Part 2 - Appearing of the Kingdom

Luke 17:20-21

Mary shows us how she hallowed God's name by giving God the priority in her life. By hallowing God's name we seek his direction in our lives.

Part 3 - How to Hallow God's Name

Luke 1:39-56

When we pray Your kingdom come we are saying, “Lord rule us by Your Spirit”. Luke shows us how we allow this rule to take place.

Part 4 - Heavenly Styled Service

1 Peter 1:10-12

Our response to praying "your will be done" is to look to the example of the angels and be taught by their example.

Part 6 - Forgiven and Forgiving

Matthew 18:21-35

God forgives and so do we ... we pray about this all the time so put it into practise.

Part 7 - The Christian Battleground

1 Cor 10:1-13

Temptation is not an irresistible force. Through prayer we are given all that we need to avoid temptation.

Part 8 - So Shall It Be

Rev 5:1-14

Amen does not mean "come to an end." Amen means, "this is just the beginning."