On hearing the teaching of Jesus some of his early followers exclaimed “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?” (John 6:60). Like his original hearers many people today find Jesus’ sayings hard. This sermon series focuses on nine of these harder teachings. It is not the purpose of the series to explain away some of Jesus’ radical ideas however, when seen contextually in their cultural and historical setting, the perplexity of these sayings gives way to a growing understanding of putting radical faith into practise.

Part 1 - Christians In The Wild

Luke 9:57-62

By forcing the reader to see what it means to serve Jesus in extreme circumstances, Luke challenges us to consider the depth of our own personal discipleship.

Part 2 - If You Don't Forgive Neither Will My Father

Matthew 6:14-15

If we have not understood the forgiveness which God has shown us, we will not be able to forgive others and we will be ineffective in our spiritual relationship with God and others.

Part 3 - Cut Off Your Sinning Hand

Mark 9:42-50

Jesus calls us to recognise the devastating consequences, namely an eternal place in Gehenna, when we allow sin to impact our lives. We need to take radical action against our sin.

Part 4 - Hate Your Father and Mother

Luke 14:25-35

Jesus reminds us of the true cost of discipleship by calling us to give preference to Him above all else - including the willingness to hate those who are closest to us.

Part 5 - It is Either God or Money

Matthew 6:19-24

In a world where we are pushed to define ourselves on the basis of money - and all that money gives - Jesus calls us to make a stark choice.

Part 6 - Saying Lord Lord is not enough

Matthew 7:13-27

Jesus calls us to reflect on the the depth of our connection with Him by getting us to assess the choices we are making regarding the road we walk, the fruit we produce and the house we build.

Part 7 - Crucify Yourself

Mark 8:34-38

Preached by guest preacher Jesse Caulfield
Jesus reminds us that, in an earthly sense, we can have everything - yet without Jesus being central to our lives we actually have nothing.

Part 8 - You Can Commit The Unforgivable Sin

Mark 3:20-35

By confronting the attitudes of the Jewish Leaders, and recognising the challenges which not-yet-believing family can bring on our faith, Jesus issues a warning that it is possible to commit the unforgivable sin.

Part 9 - Get Used To Being Hated

John 15:18-25

Jesus was hated by the world, for no other reason than He had come to reveal the Father. As those who are associated with Jesus we should accept the same level of hate.