This short sermon series puts a focus on the significance of three “strange and unusual” incidents that took place around the time of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Why did God rip the curtain in the temple? How do we interpret the resurrection of the “holy people”? Why did the angel use the rock as a chair? These questions give us greater insight in the nature of our relationship with Jesus.

Part 1 - Torn By Unseen Hands

Matthew 27:51

At the moment Jesus died the curtain in the temple was torn in two - God has left the building.

Part 2 - An Angel's Rock Solid Chair

Matthew 28:2

Why does Matthew mention that the Angel sat on the boulder that was in the front of the tomb of Jesus? This message answers this question to help us understand more about the significance of the work of Jesus.

Part 3 - Dead Saints Walking

Matthew 27:52-53

Coinciding with the death and resurrection of Jesus dead saints were raised and came into the city. This situation causes a great stir; especially because the question is now being asked, "Why aren't more Jews raised?"