By focussing on a series of four songs sung by Mary, Zechariah, The Angels and Simeon, this Advent Series reminds us of the “songs” which our trust in Jesus will bring to our souls.

Part 1 - Mary's Song

Luke 1:39-56

As young pregnant Mary faces the difficulties having to wear ridicule and moral judgement Mary humbly sings a powerful song where she glorifies God and rejoices in her Saviour.

Part 2 - Zechariah's Song

Luke 1:57-80

Zechariah’s Song challenges us to expect God to work even in the middle of our present difficult circumstances. We do this by looking back at the actions of God, and then looking forward to the promises of God.

Part 3 - The Angel's Song

Luke 2:14

In support of the Angel who brought the message of salvation to the shepherds a host of angels sing about the true peace we can because the favour of God is towards us. Give Glory to God, you can have peace.

Part 4 - Simeon's Song

Luke 2:22-35

God has promised Simeon that Simeon will see the Messiah. This promise is fulfilled when Mary comes to the temple to make an offering for purification. Simeon sings of the great comfort and peace we can all have.