Psalms is a long book 150 individual Psalms in total – however basically there are 7 different types (the technical word “genre”) of Psalms. This sermon series systematically focuses on one psalm from each genre with the seven genres being Hymns; Confidence; Lament; Kingship; Thanksgiving; Remembrance; Wisdom. The wider purpose of this series is to equip Christians to reading the Psalms for themselves be learning to identify what sort of genre the Psalm is, and how to apply that Psalm in our own lives.

Part 1 - How to Praise

Psalm 19

This Psalm is a genre of Psalms know as Hymns. The main feature of these Hymns is that they contain exuberant praise of the Lord, or they give us a reason for praising the Lord. They are a celebration that God has entered our lives and our community.

Part 2 - Expressing Confidence And Trust

Psalm 91

A Psalm of Confidence expresses trust in God’s goodness and power because we have an intimate awareness of God’s presence. Psalm 91 is an example off this.

Part 4 - Accepting Gods Kingship And Control

Psalm 2

Kingship Psalms remind us that we have a King who is to be listed to and obeyed because He protects us and provides for us. Basically all Kingship Psalms answer the same question … “How do I respond to the rule of God in my life?”

Part 6 - Remembering God's Faithful Acts

Psalm 78

The main feature of a Remembrance Psalms is that to call to mind the actions of God in the past, especially the way God acted to save His people. We do that because we understand that all history is God’s history – everything has a reason.

Part 7 - Learning How To Live Wisely

Psalm 119: 1-8

Wisdom Psalms give concrete examples of how God wants us to live our life. If you live a certain way then this and this will happen. If you live a different way then something else will happen instead. Wisdom Psalms explain the consequences.