In this Advent and New Year series we look at all the titles which were use of Jesus, from the time of his birth to his days as a toddler in Egypt. Through these ten names – The Word, The Son of David, The Son of Abraham, The Son of the Most High, Jesus, Immanuel, Christ The Lord, King of the Jews, Consolation of Israel, God’s Son – we will grow in our understanding of the importance of the work of Jesus in our lives. As a wider purpose we will discover that there is a Name for every moment we are going through and that God’s Name is all that we need.

Part 1 - The Word

John 1:1-18

In the beginning was the Word the Word gave light. When Jesus, who is the Word, came to the world He also brings light that shines into the darkness of our lives. We keep that Word shining by spending time in the Scriptures.

Part 2 - The Son Of David

Matthew 1:1

We can be far from God, or we can be close. Whatever our situation we can find restoration and hope because Jesus is the Son of David ... and God will act for the sake of His Son.

Part 3 - The Son Of Abraham

Matthew 1:1

To be a part of God's family we all need to trace our spiritual heritage back to Abraham, but calling Abraham our father is also not enough. Jesus connects us to Abraham and gives us faith.

Part 4 - The Son of The Most High

Luke 1:32

Jesus is called the Son of the Most High, and he enables us to become Children of the Most High. Therefore we do not need to fear the powers that come against us.

Part 5 - Jesus

Matthew 1:21

The name Jesus is the personal name of our Saviour. This name allows us to completely identify with the one who is like us in every way.

Part 6 - Immanuel

Matthew 1:23

Jesus is the Immanuel, God with us. This name cause us to think about whether our identity is fully in Jesus ... or do we just let Jesus tag along?

Part 7 - Christ The Lord

Luke 2:11

Jesus is the Messiah Lord who has double power and authority. He could use this power and authority completely for himself, yet he uses his power and authority completely for us. To give us Shalom.

Part 8 - King Of The Jews

Matthew 2:2

Using the title King of the Jews, was a title which causes conflict and puts people in a place where their identification with Jesus brings mockery, disparagement and even persecution.

Part 9 - Consolation Of Israel

Luke 2:25

Consultation comes from the same Greek word as the one used to describe the Holy Spirit as our comforter. By being the Consolation of Israel this name of Jesus is promising Christian moment by moment comfort no matter which difficulties we find ourselves in.

Part 10 - God's Son

Matthew 2:15

Jesus, the Son of God who has all power, ends up in Egypt because of the threat of Herod. In doing so a new Exodus is establish with the Son of God coming out of Egypt to live in full obedience in contrast to all of God’s people who failed.