In this Lent series we will systematically make our way through chapter 18-21 of John’s Gospel with a focus on the person and work of Jesus which specifically took place from the moment he was arrested, to the reinstatement of Peter.

Part 1 - Where It All Starts

John 18:1-27

Jesus deliberately enables Himself to be arrested, showing that He is totally in control of the situation. In doing so Jesus demonstrates that no one who is in God's family will be lost.

Part 2 - The Obvious Truth

John 18:28-40

When Pilate is asked to judge the guilt of Jesus Pilate finds himself asking a very significant question: What Is Truth? The truth is that Jesus is declared innocent by Pilate, but He is still put to death because Jesus is also an inconvenience.

Part 3 - The Non-Decision

John 19:1-16

Pilate declares Jesus innocent so Jesus should be set free. But Pilate also needs to compromise so he makes a “non-decision”. Pilate’s decision seems better than the decisive decision of the chief priests to call Caesar their king however a non-decision about Jesus is still a decision against Him.

Part 4 - Not Just Business as Usual

John 19:16-27

While the crucifixion is a brutal affair it must be recognised that, for the Roman soldiers, this event is business as usual. However, as those who are reading about these events, we cannot treat the crucifixion in a business-as-usual fashion.

Part 5 - Dead and Buried

John 19:28-42

This 3-part Good Friday message focuses on:- 1) The human Jesus, therefore He is the only Saviour; 2) The dead Jesus who is not broken, therefore He can help those who are broken; 3) The buried Jesus who brings disciples out of darkness into the light.

Part 6 - Confusion Reigns

John 20:1-10

The empty tomb produces confusion yet, despite the confusion, Jesus is still at work. When we have confusion keep trusting in the work of Jesus.

Part 7 - Jesus Keeps Appearing

John 20:11-31

The resurrection of Jesus means that Jesus has the capacity to keep on appearing in our lives and to give us the very thing that we need the most. In what capacity do you need Jesus to appear to you today?

Part 8 - Post Resurrection Lull

John 21:1-14

After the resurrection a group of disciples ended up fishing. When Jesus turns up 153 fish are caught. Through these verses we are reminded that we need to obey Jesus, even when obedience seems strange, because Jesus will give the resources.