The book of Ruth is a story that reminds us not only that God works visibly through prophets and miracles, but that he is invisibly and mysteriously working all of the time, even within tragedy. The story is not big and the characters are very ordinary, yet through their story we are reminded that, when all things appear hopeless, God is faithful. For those who are wondering where God is in the midst of heartbreak, or who doubt whether God is in control, or who just want to see a faithful God … the book of Ruth is for you.

Part 1 - A Dead End Short Cut

Ruth 1:1-5

Elimelech takes a spiritual short-cut that ultimately leads to Naomi becoming a widow in a foreign land. Short cuts never work out.

Part 2 - The Long Road Back

Ruth 1:6-22

The disappointment which Naomi has at being a widow becomes the event God uses to bring His wondering child back home. For Ruth the road to redemption starts very unexpectedly.

Part 3 - Feeling Lucky?

Ruth 2:1-23

Through God's providence Ruth and Boaz are brought together and this relationship enables Ruth to be protected from exploitation. A foundation for redemption is being laid.

Part 4 - Finding Rest

Ruth 3:1-18

Ruth finds rest as a result of indicating to Boaz that she wants him to be her Kinsman-Redeemer. The road of redemption is bringing security for Ruth.

Part 5 - And they Lived Happily Ever After

Ruth 4:1-22

Boaz stands firm as the Kinsman-Redeemer for Ruth, as a result she is no longer Ruth the Moabite, but Ruth the wife of Boaz and a woman in the genealogy of the Messiah. Full redemption has been accomplished.