Partner With Us

Nowhere do the Scriptures require adherence to an extensive set of creeds and confessions in order to be baptised and become a full member of the church. Instead God is looking for a heart which is converted and relies on Christ as their Saviour which results in a willingness to mature and grow into a disciple who actively shares the Gospel.

At Northside Evangelical Church becoming part of the church family is a relatively simple process. Firstly, we are primarily looking for people who want to be part of our family because they are committed to our vision and our core values. Our understanding of membership is not primarily about having people on our membership roll. In fact, we don’t have a membership roll. NEC is a family and we are looking for family members who want to have our ministry DNA.

Statement of Beliefs

We do have a doctrinal statement – it is called our Statement of Beliefs. To be part of the NEC family each person needs to become familiar with the Statement of Beliefs as it describes the teachings of the Christian faith which are essential and foundational to the Christian faith. While we recognize that development of faith and understanding is a journey, there needs to come a point when a true

Local Distinctives

In addition to this doctrinal foundation we have our Local Distinctives which outline our local practises and positions on Scriptural issues that are important, but not critical, to the follower of Christ as it relates to their salvation. Agreement on these issues does not mean a person will be excluded from NEC. However, a person who holds a different view on these matters needs to be prepared to

Mutual Pledge of Support

When a person wants to become a part of our church family, they give verbal affirmation to a Mutual Pledge of Support. It is a mutual pledge because, through this document, the member makes a commitment to the church and the leadership of NEC makes a commitment to the member.