Fathers – Be Zealous

September 1st 2019

Psalm 6:30-35

This 2019 Father’s Day message looks at the meaning of the Hebrew word kinah – which describes the jealousy or zeal of the Lord. In Proverbs 6:30-35 we see that husbands are also those who should be kinah. The call for fathers to have this character of God has very significant applications.

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The Storm of Temptation

June 16th 2019

Psalm 51:1-19

Going through the storm of temptation does not need to result in the ship-wreck of our faith or the sinking of our relationship with God. Even in the storm of temptation there is a storm breaker.

The Storm of Disappointment

June 9th 2019

Psalm 77:7-12

When we are disappointed in ourselves, or disappointed by others we can go to God for help to bring restoration. But how do be break the storm of being disappointed with God?

The Protection of A Mother

May 12th 2019

A Mother’s Day message preached on Mother’s Day 2019. The significant Hebrew word רחם is the focus of the message.

Why Church?

January 29th – 2018

Acts 2:42-47

Preached by guest preacher Andrew Hassum, “Why Church?” focuses on Acts 2:42-47 and what it means to be a part of ‘The Church’

Father’s Day 2017

September 3rd – 2017

Luke 15:11-32

Importance of Fathers

Jesus Makes Us Belong

April 23rd – 2017

1 Corinthians 12:12-13

Our church celebrated our 10th Anniversary Sunday by focusing on 1 Corinthians 12:12-13 and how Jesus Makes Us Belong.

How is Ministry Measured?

November 6th – 2016

2 Corinthians 10:7-18

The service focussed on leadership and encouragement

Love Without Reservations

October 30th – 2016

John 13:1-17

A stand alone sermon focusing on the staggering love of Jesus as he washes his disciple’s feet.

Trials and Temptations

October 23rd – 2016

James 1

Focusing on James chapter 1:1-4 and 1:12-18